Patience & Interdependence

Connectivity, patience and​ purpose are three significant words for the 21st century.​ It is obvious that the world has entered a stage of stronger need for ​interdependency,​ where we all need to take greater responsibility for ​how we do what we do.​ We need new ways to think and act when we build new businesses, cause it is obvious that the way we have done it until now, is no longer valid. The key themes are points to consider that potentially could lead to acting in a new sustainable way as a business.

There is a need for business models that are more considerate of how businesses can adapt to a complex environment. Significance was found in how businesses can approach collaboration as ​long term connectivity​ rather than a part of a strategy. Further, significance was found in how profit can come in ​different shades.​ Obviously, this cannot be the end of capitalism but this might be a switch to less individualistic approaches. Other sorts of gain might be more easily considered in decision making. Significance was also found in increasing incentives for long term investments if the model were to be used in a way where investors can realize the value of long term investments rather than indirect revenue. Profit might not always remain to be the main drive for starting up businesses. What entrepreneurs need to realize is that there is no long term success without sustainability.

The core of the framework is the regenerative approach to make use of what already exists and to not innovate for the sake of innovation. The success potential of the model depends on the entrepreneur's values as well as the culture shift of society to appeal to and satisfy the earth's needs. It is clear that in the phase that the world is changing, people and businesses need to change in the same phase. Key learning is to not be scared to challenge the existing status quo, rather this could be where innovation lays.

To conclude, sustainable innovation is a broad concept and varies depending on what needs to be innovated. But we should no more write them apart but rather always think sustainable when we think of doing any type of innovation. There needs to be a shift in mindset about why and how we do what we do, also there needs to be a change in what people see as profitable. Further people need to become more aware and not at least educated in the fact that we are all interdependent and what one does can affect something else even though you’re not meant to. I hope in the future that there are more efficient ways of calculating what indirectly causes one’s actions lead to. Hopefully, this model can be a good start.